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My Best, Biggest Concert Ever!

Posted on March 31, 2014 with 0 comments

Wow Everyone!
     I'm still "flying high" from the wonderful inspiration of last night's concert at Higley.  Above, is a copy of the artwork for the electric billboards around the east valley!  The promoter, Bob Zucker, said it was because I was a GIANT in my field! ;-) 
     I want to thank you if you came out last night; and if you didn't get to come, I want to invite you for next years concert...and I'll tell you why:
     I believe that when people move in a bold direction, it inspires others to a larger vision. Like the Phoenix Bird - when it rises up from its ashes, anyone who is touched by the shadow of its wings is transformed. You are capable of things you can't even imagine.
      I am an ordinary person who has had the opportunity to grow up with people and see  people close to me manifest big and amazing visions. You, too, are capable of larger-than-life things you can't [...]
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The Cowboy Way

Posted on February 10, 2014 with 0 comments
 "The Cowboy Way" is a philosophy that brings back a time (hopefully not  "gone by") that believes when you said something you were good for your word; that your reputation was what you stood for; that you humbled yourself to the Divine Creator; that you were supposed to mentor those coming along after you; that you were helped where it was needed; and maybe a hundred other things that spelled out "YOUR VALUES."
     I just returned from the Cochise County Cowboy Gathering in Sierra Vista, AZ where hundreds of people who love Western Music and the Cowboy Way gathered to celebrate music, family, and The Cowboy Way.  It reaffirmed my belief in the good of the human race, that the freedom to express your beliefs is still alive as long as we let others express their beliefs with the same respect; music is the universal language; and family extends beyond the boundaries of our own home into a bigger family if we come together in love, respect, values, and helping [...]
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The Spirit of the Holiday Season

Posted on December 6, 2013 with 0 comments
      "Let dreams stay alive in the hearts of our children," were the last  words a great woman uttered into her husbands ear upon making her transition.  Indeed, "making our dreams come true" was at the heart of my Father, Cavett Robert's, philosophy; and I believe it too.
     It is my humble opinion that beyond basic human needs such as food, shelter, and latte's (ok, kidding about the lattes), humans have a need to make their hopes and dreams become a reality. Dreams drive us forward when the mundane realities of everyday life become a burdensome yoke.     I believe my Mom and Dad used The Holiday Season as an exercise in "Dreambuilding." My Brother called Christmas "Mom's Big Bash." When I was old enough to ask my Mother, "Mom is there REALLY a Santa Clause?  In her wisdom she said, "Well, there REALLY is a Spirit of Christmas!" That worked for me.
     My dream is to become a world-class singer/musician/storyteller. [...]
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Can A Girl Brag?

Posted on April 4, 2013 with 0 comments
One more thing, Friend,

       Just thought you'd like to know that "Western Stars" is ranked in the Top 30 Western Albums right now at  #18 and Most Played songs is "Adobe Hacienda" ranked  #8.  This is what DJ, Rick Huff, says about "Western Stars" in Western Way Magazine's review:
     "Lee ("LeeLee") Robert brings to the Western genre a rich, deep voice with stylings that reveal jazz and ballad sensitivities.  Providing an unusual effect for swing is a plucked rhythm guitar.  Part of me yearns for the exuberant swing strum one customarily expects from that instrument, but calling on Goethe's Points of Criticism, "what is the artist trying to say?"  Robert specifically says it's Cowgirl Jazz. Generally jazz guitar is not strummed.
      In twelve tracks, Robert makes believers out of us with fine versions of "My Adobe Hacienda," "Sugar Moon," "Don't Fence Me In," "Along [...]
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 Dear All,
I sang the Star Spangled Banner last night at the opening of the Jackson Hole Rodeo.  In the same way the Center For The Arts Hootenanny venue was "world class," this last Monday night, singing to open the rodeo might be described as "class under a horses a__!"  'Scuse my "French," but there was definitely an interesting "juxteposition" in the two experiences happening the same week and being so different.  This is what keeps one humble, - and yet, there was a sweetness to the rodeo experience that was nothing I'd want to give up. I even offered to do it again next year!
     It was tense in the beginning as I made my way through the horse trailers, kids with cotton candy and cars.  I got to park in a special parking space and "Al" was waiting to take me to the rodeo ring. I was ushered to a place where the bull riders prepare to get on the bulls. All the guys were up there putting on their individualized leather "chaps," [...]
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