". . . and the winner is. . ."

". . .and the winner is. . ." Imagine this special moment in your life: you've been nominated for an important award and it's "envelope opening" time. There you sit, holding your breath, managing a purposeful smile that you've practised…

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Two Nights in Nashville

...Answer the call.

      My Producer on the other end of the line said, “There's a possibility that we can get three top Nashville session musicians to do the solo work on your upcoming album." I saw large dollar signs looming.…

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Roadmaps and Detours

Dear Everyone,

     Many of you will be taking roadtrips this summer.  Even if you have a roadmap - detours are fun to take sometimes, right?.  For variety! I love variety, and I'll bet you do, too: I love variety in…

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Mud Season

 Dear  Everyone,

     "I'm just going to throw a bunch of mud on the wall and see what sticks!" That's what I said in November when we migrated back to Arizona from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The theme for my year is…

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There is a Season

Hello Everyone,

     ". . . I hope to inspire you to move forward with your dreams, and I thank you for sharing mine."

     That is what I wrote in March and since then, we've had a whole Spring and Summer…

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Hi Everyboby; 

     On February 16 of this year I wrote: 

"Maybe by walking this "Award" road together, hand in hand, it can (in addition to a little blood, sweat, and tears) shake a little "Stardust" on both of us. Are…

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Jewel of the West

    It's the age-old question, "What am I working so hard for?"  Why do we spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on a creative project?  Why would one put twelve songs on a CD - collaborate with a producer, engineer…

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My Best, Biggest Concert Ever!

Wow Everyone!

     I'm still "flying high" from the wonderful inspiration of last night's concert at Higley.  Above, is a copy of the artwork for the electric billboards around the east valley!  The promoter, Bob Zucker, said it was because I…

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The Cowboy Way

 "The Cowboy Way" is a philosophy that brings back a time (hopefully not  "gone by") that believes when you said something you were good for your word; that your reputation was what you stood for; that you humbled yourself to…

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The Spirit of the Holiday Season

      "Let dreams stay alive in the hearts of our children," were the last  words a great woman uttered into her husbands ear upon making her transition.  Indeed, "making our dreams come true" was at the heart of my Father, Cavett…

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Can A Girl Brag?

One more thing, Friend,


       Just thought you'd like to know that "Western Stars" is ranked in the Top 30 Western Albums right now at  #18 and Most Played songs is "Adobe Hacienda" ranked  #8.  This is what DJ, Rick Huff…

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Star Spangled Bull Riding Yellow Metal Dividers

 Dear All,

I sang the Star Spangled Banner last night at the opening of the Jackson Hole Rodeo.  In the same way the Center For The Arts Hootenanny venue was "world class," this last Monday night, singing to open the…

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