The Morning After

There was such a wonderful outpouring of love and support for the show last night, that I decided to write once more. I had 43 emails rooting me on and celebrating the performance for the Jackson Hole Hootenanny! WOW! Thank you so much for this support and I can tell you, that you were with me up there on that stage - and it was glorious! What I remember most, is the beautiful lights and the purring of the saxaphone behind me as I sang my "Cowgirl Jazz" version of "I Fall to Pieces." It felt as comfortable as a cup of coffee and warm slippers first thing in the morning. I planned it that way so I could get used to the apmosphere before I sang my "Backroad, Flat-tire Blues." I had my friend John K. up there with me on harmonica as I busted that one out. I got to really "let 'er rip" on that one, and I gave it my all. It was a blast! It is a somewhat humorous blues of being in the backroads of Utah looking for petroglyphs and pictographs and getting two flat tires in the middle of nowhere (not one but two). The audience laughed several times - everyone had fun, especially me! I can tell you from experience, some of life's biggest travails bring the best stories! Ha! I couldn't see anything beyond the 2nd row - the stage lights hid the whole room. But I had come early yesterday for a sound check, so I knew the room. I looked up into the balcony several times to acknowledge the group up there. There was "standing room only," in this gorgeous venue. I simply can't call it an auditorium because it just doesn't do it justice. The Center for the Arts in Jackson Hole is one of the classiest places to perform you've ever seen - but intimate. I believe there is seating for 400. The sound system is world class and you can hear yourself as well as if you were in your own livingroom. I'm told every seat can hear perfectly, too. The combination of "classy and intimate" reminded me of the feeling you get when you go into a very small, but very romantic restaurant: the food is superb, but the apmosphere comfortable and makes you feel nurtured. The only difference, was that the tickets were not expensive! Ten dollars got you into the best local entertainment in town. The whole of Jackson turns out for this every year and it is a real community builder. We ended the evening with all performers on stage singing and playing "You Are My Sunshine" together. I remember looking into the eyes of my colleagues, and it made me very proud to be on stage with their kind of talent. This morning I slept in late! I kept wanting to get up, and my body kept sending me back to sleep. Sleep won. But I had to write you and tell you how much your support meant to me, and that when I was up there I thought of you in my audience. Thank you for your support. It is because of friends like you, and your encouragement, that I still do the music I love.

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