Jewel of the West

    It's the age-old question, "What am I working so hard for?"  Why do we spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on a creative project?  Why would one put twelve songs on a CD - collaborate with a producer, engineer, many highly skilled musicians who have spent their lives perfecting their craft, and perfectly polishing each and every song with the care a mother takes getting her child ready for his first day at school?

     I'll be honest with you, I don't know.  Maybe you've got a creative compulsion too? Of course, one could say that about a compulsive shopper! But, I rarely feel more alive than when I am involved with this creative process. I call it feeling closer to God; maybe you call it your "Higher Power," or "The Divine Creative Energy Force of the Universe." Whatever you call it, I believe that it makes us feel a part of something greater than ourselves.

     What if each and every one of us had a place in the puzzle of the universe that placed us perfectly to initiate activities and results that were in line with our natural talents and gifts? What if every time we created an action, the reaction was like a perfect ripple in the waters of life?  I like to think that in a perfect world, this is the case!  You might think, "Well, what about that bad situation that happened when...? Yes, this is an imperfect world and there are bad things that happen and distorted thinking. But I like to think that with a healthy body, mind, and spirit it is our natural compulsion to grow and thrive and contribute to a better world.

     I have had the good fortune of the influence of people who changed me  instantly.  When I was in their presence, suddenly my world opened up and I became bigger, stronger, more capable, more hopeful.  I have had a person more wise than myself, who brought a big shining light to a place of darkness.  I have had my heart opened by someone stronger and more able to think big and bring me into that circle of wisdom.

     In some way, I would like to think that gift to me was embodied in these songs and that the mood I create on "Jewel of the West" does this for you. I'd like to think you will feel  bigger, stronger, more capable, more hopeful in your own abilities after listening to the music. When I sing, it is my intention to use my breath to blow into the balloon of your power, hope, courage, and vitality for a better and more abundant life.

     I know many of you have much to do during this busy season, so I'm not going to describe in detail all the intricacies of each song although I'm really proud of each one. You can hear "snippets" by clicking on the album on my home page at where it will take you to a place (CD Baby) where you can listen. You can also download from Itunes: "Jewel of the West" by LeeLee Robert.

     To me, this season is very special. I like to think that whatever we do this Holiday Season, it should contribute to our feelings of hope for a brighter future.  It is my sincerest wish that my creative endeavors gives that gift to you.




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