". . . and the winner is. . ." 

". . .and the winner is. . ." Imagine this special moment in your life: you've been nominated for an important award and it's "envelope opening" time. There you sit, holding your breath, managing a purposeful smile that you've practised to stay put if someone else's name is called! . . . for "Best Western Swing Album of the Year, Swing Set: LeeLee Robert!" The sound that came out of my husband, Rick's, mouth was indescribable! I think he was more excited than anyone! I ran to the stage around tables and up…

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Two Nights in Nashville 

...Answer the call.

      My Producer on the other end of the line said, “There's a possibility that we can get three top Nashville session musicians to do the solo work on your upcoming album." I saw large dollar signs looming. "How much?" I said.  He responded, "That’s just it. We'd save enough in editing and speed in getting good tracks down, that financially it would not be that much more than if we recorded with local musicians!" I didn’t hear any downside. “Lets do it!”

     The session people were…

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Roadmaps and Detours 

Dear Everyone,

     Many of you will be taking roadtrips this summer.  Even if you have a roadmap - detours are fun to take sometimes, right?.  For variety! I love variety, and I'll bet you do, too: I love variety in food, landscapes, fashion, and of course music! 
    When I was maturing, artistically, I felt some frustration over the fact that I could not seem to fit into any one genre of music. The market wanted to put me in a niche; but I loved it all: folk, jazz, blues, rock, classical, pop…

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Mud Season 

 Dear  Everyone,

     "I'm just going to throw a bunch of mud on the wall and see what sticks!" That's what I said in November when we migrated back to Arizona from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The theme for my year is, "Break On Through to the Other Side," with apologies to Jim Morrison! I felt a need to elevate what I was doing in music and in life to another level.  As Nina Simone says, "I want more and more, and then some!"

      One of the benefits of moving every six months is the "clean slate"…

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There is a Season 

Hello Everyone,

     ". . . I hope to inspire you to move forward with your dreams, and I thank you for sharing mine."

     That is what I wrote in March and since then, we've had a whole Spring and Summer to move toward those dreams.  I hope you are pleased with what you see in your "garden." I have been very pleased. Just to recap, last March The Academy of Western Artists awarded my CD, "Jewel of the West," with Best Western Album of the Year, I had my April Fools Day Concert at the Kerr,  and…

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Sharing STARDUST! 


Hi Everyboby; 

     On February 16 of this year I wrote: 

"Maybe by walking this "Award" road together, hand in hand, it can (in addition to a little blood, sweat, and tears) shake a little "Stardust" on both of us. Are you in?"

       On Saturday, March 28, I WON for Best Western Album of the Year from The Academy of Western Artists! Let's share a little Stardust.

       All I remember, is sitting there at our table as the nominee's names were read and hearing, "...and the winner for Best Western…

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Jewel of the West 

    It's the age-old question, "What am I working so hard for?"  Why do we spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on a creative project?  Why would one put twelve songs on a CD - collaborate with a producer, engineer, many highly skilled musicians who have spent their lives perfecting their craft, and perfectly polishing each and every song with the care a mother takes getting her child ready for his first day at school?

     I'll be honest with you, I don't know.  Maybe you've got a creative…

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My Best, Biggest Concert Ever! 

Wow Everyone!

     I'm still "flying high" from the wonderful inspiration of last night's concert at Higley.  Above, is a copy of the artwork for the electric billboards around the east valley!  The promoter, Bob Zucker, said it was because I was a GIANT in my field! ;-) 

     I want to thank you if you came out last night; and if you didn't get to come, I want to invite you for next years concert...and I'll tell you why:

     I believe that when people move in a bold direction, it inspires others to a…

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The Cowboy Way 

 "The Cowboy Way" is a philosophy that brings back a time (hopefully not  "gone by") that believes when you said something you were good for your word; that your reputation was what you stood for; that you humbled yourself to the Divine Creator; that you were supposed to mentor those coming along after you; that you were helped where it was needed; and maybe a hundred other things that spelled out "YOUR VALUES."

     I just returned from the Cochise County Cowboy Gathering in Sierra Vista, AZ where…

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The Spirit of the Holiday Season 

      "Let dreams stay alive in the hearts of our children," were the last  words a great woman uttered into her husbands ear upon making her transition.  Indeed, "making our dreams come true" was at the heart of my Father, Cavett Robert's, philosophy; and I believe it too.

     It is my humble opinion that beyond basic human needs such as food, shelter, and latte's (ok, kidding about the lattes), humans have a need to make their hopes and dreams become a reality. Dreams drive us forward when the mundane…

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