Israel Visit 2023 Part 8-III with LeeLee Robert

Hello Friends,

  From my friends point of view, as someone who reads military history, he says that Masada was the greatest siege in history. The full force of the Roman empire at its peak, against a tiny band of people including women and children. The Romans took two years to build an enormous, giant ramp to the top of this mountain to crush this tiny country that dared rebel – a chilling vision of what tyranny is. There was a mass suicide and destruction of Herod’s works, because when the Romans got on top, they found nothing to loot, no people to sell as slaves, nothing to triumph over – they did not win. The war was over, but as a moral and courageous force, the Jews won. And it also teaches us what it means to fight for liberty – ‘give me liberty or give me death.’

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Shalom (peace be with you), LeeLee

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