Crisis vs. Opportunity 

Chinese character for Crisis is also the same word as Opportunity 

NONE OF US ARE AS SMART AS ALL OF US.” Silicon Valley Quote 

Take Humor Seriously! 

Facebook: Andrew Tarvin: Humor that works - Storytelling with humor 
Facebook: Grumps TV - Bruce Forman, world class musician - wife, Gidget, dog Ruby 
Wed/Sat at 5:00 pm Pacific happy hour 

Andre Bocelli live on YouTube at the Duomo in Milan: Easter Sunday 
YoYoMa on YouTube: Songs of Comfort

"LeeLee Concert - Cowgirl Jazz"
(Internet streaming concert will view for awhile after airing May 21, 2020) 
scroll down to HCTV
Click on May 21, LeeLee Robert
40 minute concert of Cowgirl Jazz

LeeLee: JACKSON Hole Hootenanny (FACEBOOK) it will send you live link on YouTube.
Monday Nights 5-7 Pacific Time (one song for each performer). 

SMART STUFF - Daniel Burrus
scroll down to 5 free webinars March 27 - April 24 that address many issues professionally and personally related to Covid 19 Including Q & A from people around the world and 2 one-of-a-kind interviews with two Heros that have overcome great adversity and talk about how you can too.
Think outside the box.
His Books: The Anticipatory Organization. Futureview. 

Brene Brown, “Unlocking Us” podcast 
(Deals with issues we face during Pandemic.) 
Brene Brown interview with David Kessler on grief and finding meaning. 
FFT (Frickin First Times). All these podcasts are excellent and helpful. 
(I listen while I walk, or elliptical). 

Audiobooks at 
James Taylor book: “Breakshot” - Listen FREE
Alesia Keyes, More Myself

Make sure to balance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 
Stay Safe! 

I’s a Ding Dong Gal M’self

By LeeLee Robert. April 2020 

1) “I’s a ding dong gal m’self 
You’ll never put me on a shelf 
I’ll take my cupcakes 
On the uptakes 
I’s a ding dong gal m’self! 

 2) I’s a ding dong gal you see. 
Ya never be hungry with me. 
I’ve a pantry full, 
So, Come on ya’all; 
I’s a ding dong gal you see! 

I’m the kind that wouldn’t mind 
If you stopped in for tea. 
I’ll pour a shot of tasty “draught” 
To wash it down with me! 

3) I’m a ding dong gal it’s true 
You can be a Ding Dong too. 
I’ll never get old, 
Or be bought and sold. 
I’s a Ding Dong Gal it’s true 

Scat sing 
Bridge and verse 4 

4) I’s a Ding Dong Gal that’s loose. 
I shake a mean caboose! 
I’ll do the shimmy, 
As long as you gimme, 
My Ding Dong Daddy Do! 

I’ll do the shimmy 
As long as you gimme 
My Ding Dong Daddy Do!