Israel Visit 2023 Part 5 with LeeLee Robert

Hello Friends,

  On our trip to Israel, we finished the day at the Jordan River where several people were baptized by Pastor Mike. Rick and I were formerly baptized by Pastor Mike in Jackson, WY where we live for six and a half months of the year. We were baptized on the property of River Crossing Church in Jackson where there is a little creek and where Pastor Mike performed the ceremony about 15 years ago in his waders because even in August the water is chilly.

  At each site we visited Pastor Mike would do what he is most gifted at: giving a spiritual talk that made the place we’ve heard about in The Bible come alive: both in its relevance in Jesus’s life 2000 years ago, and how the concepts are still relevant in our lives today. This is what I liked most about our tour - no one can talk in an inspiring “Spirit-filled way” like my Pastor Mike!

Thank you so much for reading my blog. 
Shalom (peace be with you), LeeLee


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