Migrating From Arizona to Wyoming

Hello Friends,

 Do you live in the same state you grew up in? I am a Native Arizonan. Because of that, I exempt myself from the title, “Snow Bird.” However, we are actual residents of Wyoming, spending 6 1/2 months there and 5 1/2 months in Arizona.

  It has taken me about two decades to fully adjust to this lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong - I love the variety and the “always spring” feeling. The down-sides are leaving friends, family, churches and performance opportunities. Over the course of twenty years we’ve developed relationships with additional friends, additional churches, and additional performance opportunities.

  I used to cry before we left and experience loneliness and grief upon what I call our MIGRATION. Now, I understand six months goes by quickly, and I look forward to the variety: “city life,” and “small town life.”

  Change. We move every six months! I leave things behind and pick up new pieces. It’s good practise for life. Some great philosopher said, “No one likes change but a wet baby.” I recognize the truth in that. I also recognize it’s good for us from time to time.

  If you find yourself in a rut, take another route to the grocery store. Take a walk on the wild side, order differently. Listen to a different genre of music. Wear something uncharacteristic. Travel somewhere you’ve never been. What about a new interest? By “changing things up” you might discover in yourself something new: a new spark of light that can help you feel growth, energy, and a renewed heartbeat of interest. Maybe a deeper connection with something greater. In spite of it all, it’s a wonderful world.

Best, LeeLee 

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