My Best, Biggest Concert Ever!

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Wow Everyone!

     I'm still "flying high" from the wonderful inspiration of last night's concert at Higley.  Above, is a copy of the artwork for the electric billboards around the east valley!  The promoter, Bob Zucker, said it was because I was a GIANT in my field! ;-) 

     I want to thank you if you came out last night; and if you didn't get to come, I want to invite you for next years concert...and I'll tell you why:

     I believe that when people move in a bold direction, it inspires others to a larger vision. Like the Phoenix Bird - when it rises up from its ashes, anyone who is touched by the shadow of its wings is transformed. You are capable of things you can't even imagine.

      I am an ordinary person who has had the opportunity to grow up with people and see  people close to me manifest big and amazing visions. You, too, are capable of larger-than-life things you can't even imagine. When people move in a bold direction, the Universe conspires to support your larger vision.

     Last night was the manifestation of a Dream Come True for LeeLee Cowgirl Jazz - top musicians, set design, costume changes (one onstage!) - it was bold for me, and by all accounts I pulled it off!

     Of course, I couldn't have done it without the excellent musicians and team who joined me and to whom I am deeply indebted: Stan Sorenson, Ted Sistrunk, Ron Rutowski, Mary Petrich, and my twin Sister, Lyndsy Robert. The fabulous creative talents of those who shared the stage and opened up the evening: Joe Bethancourt, Linda Bilque, and James Sallis. The wonderful "cast of colorful characters" who took charge of set, video, and photography: Rick Hendel, Jeff Jordanek, and David Campbell. Bob Zucker is to be honored for inviting me and I am grateful for him for his belief in me. And, of course,  Randall on sound and lighting rounded out the team!

      We had a great cast party afterwards at San Tan Flats out in Queen Creek to reward ourselves.  The drive out into the desert in bloom with wildflowers, made my heart sing. Yes, we "pulled it off" and I'm already planning a concert for next year! It's like potatoe chips - you can't have just one! What's on the program for YOUR next bold move?

P.S. My new favorite quote I saw on, "Earth without art, is!" 

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