If not now, when? If not you, who?

Hello Friends,

    We flew into Jackson, WY this week and the mountains are still piled high with a deep blanket of snow. The cool felt refreshing after the heat of the desert in my beloved Arizona.

    A different music scene than the one in AZ awaits me. I am a vocalist with the Jazz Foundation of Jackson Hole that I’ve been part of for about 15 years. I am one of about four vocalists. I am also part of the iconic Jackson Hole Hootenanny that during the summer plays at Dornans Chuckwagon at the base of the Grand Tetons.

    I enjoy being on the worship team at Gateway Church in Jackson where I am a vocalist and play guitar. This musical lifestyle, along with my friendships and keeping myself fit with hiking and other physical activities makes me feel healthy, joyful, and fulfilled.

    I remember in about the year 2010 when my husband Rick and I were very busy running the Conservation Foundation he began called Earth Friends. I asked him what he felt about my going into music full time after working with him for about ten years and laying down my job as Executive Director? I said, “If not now, when?” After a few discussions, we decided on a plan.

    That simple “pivot” changed my life and his. After about a year of running the Foundation himself he said, “ You look like you’re having so much fun! I want to have fun like that!” I agreed that he should be having fun! We sunsetted the Foundation and he expanded volunteering at our churches. Now he is deeply involved in lots of ways that make him happy and fulfilled.

   When there is less time in front of you than behind you, you’d better be having fun! Finding joy, or at least fulfillment in your day may sound like a cliche, but I am being deadly serious: if not now, when?

Best, LeeLee

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