Keeping it FUN!

I once heard it is every artist's responsibility to "keep it fun."  This is more challenging than it sounds - it's "simple, but not easy." Along those lines, perhaps it is every individual's responsibility to keep LIFE fun in this great adventure. In the same way, it may sound simple, but it's not easy!

Day-to-day there are so many necessary functions to perform that may seem boring. For me, some days the "maintenance" includes scales, practice, changing strings, tuning, and instrument repair. If your a "life adventurer" like me, other days it's work, paying bills, car repair, picking up dry cleaning, doing the wash, and returning phone calls.

Consider the concept, "keeping it fun is your own responsibility!"  Keep this in mind while performing your own day-to-day activities. It takes creativity, courage and hope to keep it fun! And, it takes a real commitment to the process of keeping it fun to realize the results.

First, you have to take responsibility for some of your basic choices. Are you working at a job you are well-suited to and that gives allows you to live a lifestyle that works for you?  Have you chosen a home and location that works for you and is within your budget?  Do you choose to nurture your relationships to the point where people are still speaking to you? Maintaining healthy relationships takes courage, creativity, hope and commitment to keep it fun! And it's well worth the effort.

Many people fall victim to blaming others or their situation for the lack of fun in their lives. "If only I had chosen another career, it would be more fun." "If only I had chosen a different place to live, it would be more fun."  "If only I was born to different parents, I would be a healthier or happier person and could have more fun."  And on and on it goes. 

Consider the things you can and can't change.  Only put your energy into things you can change. Of the things you can change, support yourself on a daily basis with resources that will help you have courage, creativity, hope, and commitment. Use whatever tools work to support you such as the people in your life, books, tapes, a healthy lifestyle, etc. For example, if you find it difficult to relate to your biological parent, instead create your "parents of choice," and enjoy a loving relationship with people that fill that need. If you don't like your siblings, use your friends to create "brothers and sisters" of choice.

Once you have some basic choices in alignment with who you are today (I know -  "simple but not easy"), you can move on to the more advanced stage of "keeping it fun!"  You can start small: make yourself do something nice for someone who doesn't expect it; call someone and invite them to lunch or take them on a picnic; pay your bills while you put on your favorite music with lemonade or wine; go to a concert; take a walk outside; buy yourself a flower; let someone else be "right," just because.

Keeping your courage, creativity, hope and commitment "well fed" is YOUR responsibility. Once you start doing this, it is addictive - you will find that you created a life filled with a lot more fun. And if it isn't, then maybe you need to make a change?

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