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      As the great 21st century philosopher, George Campbell, said, “I'm one cow short of a full herd. And no, I'm not talking about Farmville.” I like making sure an author of a quote gets credit – but I’m thinking that maybe in the past, the reason there was so much “anonymous” going on is that we didn’t have “cut and paste.”  What do you think?

      By the way, talking about “deep stuff,” they are now driving the cattle in Jackson Hole, WY.  That means you don’t use the “back road,” per usual, to go to town. The reason is, what you may have thought as “mud” the first time you went that way during cattle drive, turns out to be something much more insidious.  You see, if you go to wash your car afterwards – it just doesn’t come off easily.  You have to really scrub the oily stuff by hand because a regular car wash won’t take care of it, and it doesn’t smell pleasant to be near either!

     On a more pleasant topic re smell, home made pie: “The Wrangler” is as old as Pinedale, WY.  When you go in the door, you can go to the bar on the right where you can see anything from oil rig guys to cowboys to local merchants at the bar or tables.  If you go to the left, you will be surrounded by the more family-oriented groups.  It's quite an interesting place if you can get through the big trucks that are taking up most of the parking.  I have only been there for lunch, typical food, but  they have the best pies in town. 




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  • Lisa
    Very funny! Gave me a good morning laugh!

    Very funny! Gave me a good morning laugh!

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