The creative process is mysterious, magical, spiritual, and wonderous. I can get a fleeting  inspiration and it will draw me to it like the smell of a yummy dinner or like the call of a songbird or like the warmth of sunshine. I’ll sit down to try to embrace it, and later I’ll “wake up” and a song is written.  

    I’ve heard scientific explanations, but it feels like a spiritual “flow” of energy coming through me. I’ve never had formal musical training, so it’s even more of a mystery to me.  

    Of course, there is crafting that happens after the “bones” are laid down, and that is more structural; but it’s as close to God or the Divine Creator as I ever feel. 

   I’m drawn to artists as friends and I met a woman recently who is an extraordinarily gifted painter. Her website demonstrates a multi-faceted style that includes landscapes, portraits, animals and western culture. She is prolific and her name is Rush Cole. Today she sent out an email that, as a Fathers Day offering, she is having an “opportunity drawing” of two of her paintings. You can buy tickets for $10 each - I got a bunch of tickets! You might want to as well! Here is her website and on the home page you will see ‘The Fathers Day Raffle:’

   While you’re there, explore her amazing art and celebrate the Divine Creative flow that comes through her. Consider collecting her amazing artwork and bringing the creative process into your home for ongoing inspiration! 

  I once heard that ‘All art is just an analogy for the great art of life.’ Surrounding ourselves with this kind of inspiration helps all of us to create the great life we want.

Best, LeeLee 
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