The Green Mainstream

"The Green Mainstream"  is an informative, photography-based newsletter Rick and I publish a few times a year through our Earth Friends Wildlife Foundation. The format is short, easy to read, free and includes lots of beautiful photographs of landscape and wildlife!  People are busy, so we keep it short, and use the newsletter to communicate a broad overview of what's happening to the "lifeboat" called Earth that we all inhabit. 

 I'd be honored and privileged to add you to "The Green Mainstream" newsletter list to receive this interesting and intriguing review of our natural environment. If you would like to receive it, send me your physical "snail mail" address through email to We are getting ready to send out one of our best early this month, so let me know soon. 

 Inside the upcoming November edition, you will find short commentary on  "Energy Security," "Healthy Oceans," "America's Great Outdoors," "Clean Air," "Clean Water," and "Healthy Landscapes." This resourceful newsletter will include a listing of websites and articles to provide you additional information.  This month will also include a copy of an excerpt from October's Fortune Magazine's interview with Warren Buffet discussing the Foundation he and Bill and Melinda Gates are starting. 

"The Green Mainstream" is positive, informative, bipartisan, and concise. If you'd like to preview past editions, go to and click "newsletter" on the home page.

 I'd like to share with you one snippet included in our upcoming edition:

 "In an economy that is struggling and a society desperate for prosperity, emotional attachment to conservation is not enough. To be truly workable and sustainable, the effort of saving a landscape from sprawling development or keeping a wildlife migration corridor clear or maintaining a healthy river ecosystem must be grounded in science, hard facts – and economics."

 - Written by Luther Probst - The Sonoran Institute, Tucson, AZ

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