Love Served on a Silver Platter

Hi Friend,

     The performance at Raimondos was "magnifico," and only surpassed by the dinner that Raimondo, the owner, made for us.  "Rai" is a small Italian man,  83 years young,  He is 83 years young and sexy! I didn't realize…

Divine Disatisfaction

My Dad used to say a performer gives three performances in every performance they give: (1) the performance they want to give, (2) the performance they give and, (3) the performance they wish to heck they'd given!   


There is a…

Point Inspiration, Maui

Dear Friend,


Everyone needs continued inspiration to keep their dreams aloft - I don't know what your dreams are, but I know the general vicinity of mine.  When I feel my dreams being "fed," I'm a happier person: I wake…

How to be in "The Zone"

   What goes on in the mind of a performer while they are on stage looking like they are having fun as they "love on" an audience: singing with abandon and playing major 7th chords while keeping within the beat of…



Hi Friends Put your good shoes on and come to the concert! Lee Robert and Friends Cowgirl Jazz, Fiddler's Dream 24th Anniversary Celebration, Friday, January 7, 2011; doors open at 6:15, show starts at 7:00, Lee Robert and Friends go…


Cussin and Fussin at the Holidays

It's been awhile since I've been in touch!  Holidays are always a busy time of year, and with lots of family functions, a great opportunity for "character building growth opportunities!"  I wrote a song last year that reminds us of…


The Hungry Shoe Cafe

1. There's a magic day a happenin’

        At the Hungry Shoe Café.

There’s Oliva, and Kim and Dwayne

        Grill so deliscious, I’ll explain

        The marinade, while I serenade

        Their olive oilin’ Schuhs

We’re havin’ a magic day,

        Down at the…


Sky Islands and Thank you!

 If I don't get a chance before Thanksgiving to say, "Thank you!" let me say it now - I am very thankful for your friendship and all the encouragement you have given me to follow my dreams in music.  Here's…

Too Tough To Die

     Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, The Birdcage Theater, The Boothill Grave Yard: Tombstone, Arizona is known as the "The Town Too Tough To Die."  I can testify that it is a town too tough to die because after spending the last…


The Green Mainstream

"The Green Mainstream"  is an informative, photography-based newsletter Rick and I publish a few times a year through our Earth Friends Wildlife Foundation. The format is short, easy to read, free and includes lots of beautiful photographs of landscape…


The Healing Power of Music

Isn't it amazing how we can listen to a song and it will take us back to a remembered time with extraordinary visceral clarity? I remember one of the few times I ever saw my Dad cry was when I…


Glory Road


     I’ve always loved the stage and started my professional career at 14. Some people said, “Oh, you don’t want to do that – it’s such a hard life!” My parents always cheered me on, however, saying, “follow your dreams.”  They…